Computers in the Medical Office
Computers in the Medical Office
Author : Susan Sanderson
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Format : Other
Edition : 9 edition
ISBN : 9780077836382

Do you want to learn about practice management and patient billing from the best? Susan Sanderson’s Computers in the Medical Office (CiMO), 9th Edition presents step-by-step instructions to complete essential medical billing tasks using Medisoft® Advanced Version 19. CiMO shows not only what to do with authentic, hands-on activities, but also why those activities are important. Learn the skills you need for your health professions career using multiple digital resources. Read and study the content more effectively―spending more time on topics you don’t know and less time on the topics you do―by using LearnSmart and SmartBook, McGraw-Hill’s revolutionary adaptive learning technology. Complete the Medisoft V19 exercises simulated in Connect Plus, McGraw-Hill’s online assignment and assessment solution