Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice: Special Offer Edition
Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice: Special Offer Edition
Author : Philip L. (Lee) Reichel
Publisher : SAGE Publications, Inc
Format : Hardcover
Edition : August
Page Number : 528
ISBN : 9781412927567


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BONUS OFFER! SAGE has significantly reduced the price of this Handbook in response to professor requests, making it accessible to a student audience worldwide. In addition, everyone who purchases this Handbook will receive 6 months' FREE online access to 4 SAGE Journals: Criminal Justice Review; International Criminal Justice Review; European Journal of Criminology; and Punishment & Society. In the Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice, editor Philip Reichel has brought together renowned scholars from around the world to offer various perspectives providing global coverage of the increasingly transnational nature of crime and the attempts to provide cooperative cross-national responses. This volume not only has a comprehensive introduction to the topic of transnational crime but also provides specific examples such as international terrorism, drug trafficking, and money laundering to illustrate this ever expanding phenomenon. The Handbook also examines cross-national and international efforts by police, courts, international agencies, and correctional authorities to deal with transnational crime. Part IV concludes the book by addressing emerging issues in transnational crime and justice with particular attention given to transnational organized crime in all regions of the world. The combination of this cutting-edge Handbook and 6 months' free journal access make this a perfect combination for courses in comparative criminal justice and related topics in the fields criminology and criminal justice.