Hazards of Water (Bp Process Safety Series) - IChemE
Hazards of Water (Bp Process Safety Series) - IChemE
Author : Bp Safety Group
Publisher : Institution of Chemical Engineers
Format : Paperback
Edition : IChemE)
Page Number : 60
ISBN : 9780852954669

A member of the BP Process Safety Series developed as a complement to safety training, this text makes the perfect reference tool and training aid. The book increases the awareness, of operators within the chemical and process industries, to the hazards of water. It begins by describing water, its uses within process engineering, before pointing out the potential hazards and suggesting methods to correct them. Using case studies of actual accidents to highlight the potential threats and explain the possible causes, it raises the knowledge and awareness of operators to the dangers of water, enabling them to spot hazards before accidents occur. An excellent introduction to the topic for students.

Produced by BP and endorsed by IChemE's Loss Prevention Panel, these books were developed to complement safety training. They are ideal reference tools within the workplace, increasing awareness of hazards and helping operators to understand safe operating practices and procedures.

Titles In This Series Include:

Hazards of oil refining distillation units, 2008 edition - ISBN 9780852955222 Confined Space Entry (2005 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954799 Hazardous Substances in Refineries (2005 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954829 Hazards of Electricity and Static Electricity (2006 Edition) - ISBN 9780852955031Hazards of Nitrogen and Catalyst Handling (2006 Edition) - ISBN 9780852955079Hazards of Trapped Pressure and Vacuum (2005 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954751Hazards of Steam (2004 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954683Hazards of Water (2004 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954669Hotel Fire Safety (2005 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954805Liquid Hydrocarbon Tank Fires (2008 Edition)- ISBN 9780852955284Safe Furnace and Boiler Firing (2005 Edition) - ISBN 9780852954720Safe Ups and Downs for Process Units (2006 Edition) - ISBN 9780852955024Control of Work (2007 Edition) - ISBN 9780852955147LNG Fire Protection and Emergency Response (2007 Edition) 9780852955154Hazards of Oil Refining Distillation Units (2008 Edition) - ISBN 9780852955222

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