Healthcare Documentation: Fundamentals and Practice (4th Edition)
Healthcare Documentation: Fundamentals and Practice (4th Edition)
Author : Health Professions Institute, Ellen Drake, Sally C. Pitman
Publisher : Pearson
Format : Paperback
Edition : 4 edition
Page Number : 784
ISBN : 9780132988148

Ideal for learners with no prior experience and those seeking refresher training, Healthcare Documentation: Fundamentals and Practice, 4/e is the most comprehensive healthcare documentation learning system available. It begins with a thorough overview of the medicolegal and technology aspects of healthcare documentation, including key trends such as electronic health records, security, privacy, and speech recognition. Next, it provides integrated content linked to 10 hours of authentic medical dictation practice. Extensive exercises in the text combine with online audio exercises to systematically reinforce core knowledge and build critical thinking, editing, and research skills. The final chapter focuses on finding employment and preparing students for the workplace, professional development, and continuing education. This edition has been extensively revised for the latest industry trends and techniques, contains many new learning features, and offers a compelling new full-color design with many new illustrations.