Organization Theory and Design
Organization Theory and Design
Author : Richard L. Daft
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Format : Hardcover
Edition : 11 edition
Page Number : 688
ISBN : 9781111221294


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Discover some of the most progressive thinking about organizations today as acclaimed business author Richard Daft blends contemporary, innovative organizational ideas with proven classic theories and effective business practices. The result is a best-selling book--ORGANIZATION THEORY AND DESIGN--that's as enjoyable and engaging as it is useful and informative. You'll see, firsthand, how well-known organizations cope and even thrive within today's rapidly changing, highly competitive, international environment. Featured organizations include BP, Disney/Pixar, Volvo, Barnes & Noble, and Cisco Systems. Fascinating detailed examples, contemporary case studies and proven learning features bring organization concepts to life while helping you develop the skills and insights that will leave you well equipped to meet the challenges of today's business world.