Policing Gangs in America (Cambridge Studies in Criminology)
Policing Gangs in America (Cambridge Studies in Criminology)
Author : Charles M. Katz, Vincent J. Webb
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Format : Paperback
Edition : January
Page Number : 322
ISBN : 9780521616546

Describing the assumptions, issues, problems, and events that characterize, shape, and define the police response to gangs in America today, the primary focus of this book is on gang unit officers and the environment in which they work. The book is broadly focused on describing how gang units respond to community gang problems, and answers such questions as: Why do police agencies organize their responses to gangs in certain ways? Who are the people who elect to police gangs? What are their jobs really like? How do their responses to the gang problem compare with other policing strategies, such as community policing?