Realistic Defensive Tactics
Realistic Defensive Tactics
Author : John G. Peters, Takayuki Kubota
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9780935878028


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Called the most realistic self-defense text ever to be written by those who have reviewed & used it, this book contains over 500 clear line drawings. These are coupled with clear & Concise copy which makes the book a "learn-it-at-home" classic among self-defense books. Although written from a criminal justice viewpoint, the techniques can, & will, work for anyone. Topics include handgun, knife, & shotgun disarming, takedowns, ground fighting, handcuffing, escape techniques from a full nelson, a bear hug, a front choke, a rear choke, plus many, many more realistic situations. This text has become the Bible among self-defense practitioners & instructors alike. Written by internationally-recognized police trainer & martial artist, John G. Peters, Jr., it contains practical & realistic knowledge. Peters has tested the techniques on the street & knows that they work. Over 30,000 copies of this classic text have been sold since its release. This book is ideal for the person who is casually or seriously interested in learning simple, yet highly effective self-defense techniques for personal protection. Colleges, police academies, & self-studios across the United States use this book as their basic instructional text.