Remmy and the Brain Train: Traveling Through the Land of Good Sleep
Remmy and the Brain Train: Traveling Through the Land of Good Sleep
Author : James B. Maas, Guy Danella, Suzanne Scheniman
Publisher : Maas Presentations
Format : Hardcover
Page Number : 32
ISBN : 9780971214002


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Seller College : Concordia University-Saint Paul

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One of the world’s foremost sleep educators, Dr. James B. Maas of Cornell University, unveils his first children’s book, Remmy and the Brain Train. The author, who teaches the nation’s largest university lecture course, uses his award-winning pedagogical expertise to create a fun multi-dimensional learning experience for children ages 4 to 8. Remmy and the Brain Train is designed to help improve a child’s daytime alertness, mood and performance. The book is a follow-up to Maas’s New York Times bestseller, Power Sleep (Random House and Harper Collins), widely praised as successful in helping adults enjoy a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Remmy and the Brain Train follows a tired young Remmy through a groggy day of exhaustion and confusion. He has trouble with math, spelling and remembering names, and is feeling moody, upset and sad…but does not know why. That night Remmy is visited by the irrepressible magical train conductor, Doctor Zeez, who whisks him off on an exciting adventure through the Land of Good Sleep. Here Remmy learns of the voyage his mind and body embarks on every night, and how developing good sleep habits makes him stronger, smarter, happier and healthier.

Remmy and the Brain Train is illustrated by Guy Danella and includes a read-along, sing-along CD by award-winning children’s songwriter/performer Suzanne Scheniman. A myriad of sound effects enrich the detailed whimsical illustrations depicting Remmy’s world. Suzanne's wonderful "Sea Songs" can be obtained on in the popular music section.