Are you looking for a flexible job on campus that's also fun and allows you to meet new people? Are you a social butterfly? A good persuader? Then come work with us, a start up that is young and energetic and needs you to grow together with us. So if you are over 18, a social person, love interacting with people, you are a great fit.

Who are we?

An average US student pays over $1250 for textbooks per year. We decided that it's too much and came up with an online textbook platform that takes away the hassle of paying this crazy amount of money. We wanna say STOP to paying too much for textbooks. By eliminating the middleman, shipping costs and waiting time, students will be able to see who has the textbook that they need, and would be able to get it for a much cheaper price directly on campus as the Exbooks app allows them to see who has the book they need on their campus map. And if they prefer, they can still get it online on or the Exbooks app for cheaper than any other platform. Watch for more details:

We are so excited to start spreading the word and helping students with their needs, and we need you to spread the love with us.

What we expect from you?


useful, and believe that you would be a great fit, then apply. Looking forward to growing with you and helping students say STOP to paying too much to textbooks. Let’s save students one used textbook at a time.


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